Zhivotnev Vladislav

Day of birth: 22 november 1990
Phone number: +7925-411-22-87
e-mail: root@vlad.pro

System administrator/SRE.

Specialist, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, (ended on 2013y., topic of graduate work is «Fault-tolerance web-service design»).


  • Big expirience with http(s)-based projects and services (7 years)
  • Many practice with nginx in non-standard configurations
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Worked a lot with CFEngine, worked with ansible, a bit with puppet
  • Writed a lot of scripts on bash and pure-sh
  • Worked around services on PHP, Python (Django/Flask/pure python), NodeJS, Java (not tomcat), perl, xscript
  • Can (and love much) to write documentation, if there are enough time
  • Can build deb-packages (rpm — with documentation)
  • Can start CI in project from scratch
  • Expirienced with load testing and can analyze results
  • Almost all project, where i worked, was up 24/7/365
  • Understand networking from L3
  • Worked a lot with KVM and lxc, worked with openvz, xen.
  • Can write simple python-code (without object-model)
  • Took part in public lections(as a part of Yandex-education programms and in independent projects)
  • Expirienced with mysql (as DBA) on average level. Can complete simple configurations for other DB (as SQL, as non-SQL) with documentation.
  • Skills in seeking project’s SPOFs
  • Preferring Ubuntu/Debian linux-distros (and most of my practice based on them)
  • Trying to keep attention on all core OSS projects to understand how they can help me, even if i have no practice with them right now

Work log:
[ 11.2013 — present time ] — Yandex, system administrator (Search infrastructure)

  • Developing and running up few services as infrastructure for tens thousands of servers
  • Building packages for configuring Ubuntu on this servers
  • Took part in Yandex.Search migration from FreeBSD to Linux
  • Replying on SRE/Devops/sysadmins questions, consulting them about internal infrastructure (not only search-infra) and about system-related questions

[ 09.2011 — 10.2013 ] — Yandex, system administrator (Personal/UGC services)

  • ~200 small and medium-sized services under my responsibility
  • Maintained infrastructure for this services
  • Reviewed architecture and helped to review part of code from developers
  • Worked a lot on job automation (as my, as for other people)
  • Helped PMs to make tech-decisions about services
  • Helped to developers with their troubles and questions
  • Started to make elastic clasters, where we can start up a lot of new servers in short time
  • 35-40k RPS to all my services

[ 11.2008 — 08.2011 ] — best-hosting.ru (hosting company), junior system administrator

  • Supported hosting clients (russian and english)
  • Perfomed part of sysadmins work
  • troubleshooting clients problems and helped to prevent such problems for all other clients
  • AMP+nginx (freebsd, debian)
  • took part on building «elastic cluster for shared-hosting»

Worked as SA-freelancer for many small companies, started an IT-career as «IT-engineer» (actually i visited client’s home PCs and helped to fix or configure them).
Installed ubuntu to dekstop in 2005y, first my public server started at 2008y.

In free time:

  • Russian Ubuntu LoCo Team member, long time helped to newbie ubuntu users.
  • took part in Linux Install Fests in Russia (2010-2013) as lector
  • blog https://debian.pro
  • started system-administration public lectures course as one of organizers
  • Second sysadmin in top users on QA-service toster.ru

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